You visit the creatures lair and fight him

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The kind of logs used in RS gold decoy making would impact how much health the decoy has. I believe a foundation of approximately 15-20 with normal logs to approximately 50-60 with magic/yew. The decoys would just be statues... therefore, whoever you're fighting will only hit the decoy about 50% of the time (it would not be able to be utilised in anything player , monsters only, for example some quest monsters and a few of the boss ones such as the KBD or whatever they have now). There would also be some type of strategy to enchant the things, either someone from the pursuit or a new magical spell. This way, it would work 75%-100% of the time.

When fighting multiple enemies that a decoy would totally divert you. You can only carry 1 or 2 decoys at one time, for some inexplicable reason. They are too heavy. There you go. Sure you can take 8 sets of armour but only two decoys. Them's the breaks. I'll attempt to make some sort of outline to the quest, do not expect too much though.

Okay, so the history is that there is some kind of monster attacking a bunch of people using the decoy knowledge. The only man left is quite old and can not move fight the creature. And there's the promise of treasure for you greedy folks out there:unsure: Requirements:Skill to kill a level 30 monster. Recommended Items: Gear to kill a level 30 monster.

You visit the creatures lair and fight him. Well, it turns out you only rescued one person. This person is a bit proficient in making decoys. They'll teach you how to create the basic decoy out of routine logs. Congrats, you have finished one measure of this pursuit. When you injured the monster, he scuttled deeper into his lair. It gets more difficult. It would be set up as, you wound the creature, get the key to cheap OSRS gold a cage and free the individual. Then, they tell you they will meet you in the building, where you'll get your reward. Or, you can continue to rescue more people.